10 Watchmen Links You Should See (Even If You’re Skipping the Film)


Oh, Watchmen. We feel like we’ve been reading about your impending release forever — at least in Internet years. The debates about whether a film adaptation was necessary among cinephiles and comic book geeks! The smackdown between Warner Bros. and Fox over the inevitable piles of profits! The strange interviews with your creator Alan Moore where he roots for your box office failure! We would have to be either a baby or really old to be unaware that you’re opening this weekend, and as a service to our readers (and because honestly, we weren’t sure we had anything intelligent to add to the conversation) we’ve rounded up some of the most interesting Watchmen-related links we could find after the jump, starting with the semi-geeky and ending with the hardcore nerdy.


10. 104 Ways to Hilariously Ruin the Watchmen Movie 9. The Rumpus Long Interview with Zack Snyder 8. Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan Brought To Life in London 7. 5 Reasons a Watchmen Movie Was Unnecessary 6. Uh-Oh, Da Fuhrer Finds Out About Zack Snyder’s New ‘Watchmen’ Ending 7. Anthony Lane’s New Yorker review 4. Why Watchmen failed to usher in a comic-book revolution. 3. Has Watchmen solved the case of the unfilmable novel? 2. What’s On Watchmen‘s Cutting Room Floor? 1. Connecticut-based Charlton Comics’ Link to the First Blockbuster of 2009 [via]