Who Is the Biggest Celebrity Hipster?


We know, we know: the hipster supposedly exists in the past tense these days — philosophically, at least. But take a walk around a trendy neighborhood in just about any metropolitan area and you’ll find the subculture’s sartorial influence is still alive and well. And since perhaps the greatest hipster pastime is debating who is and isn’t a hipster, the folks at Hear Ya have done us all a big favor by creating “A Hipster Point Scale.”

Now that we finally have an objective way to measure an individual’s level of hipsterdom, we’ve decided to apply their (unfortunately single-sex) rubric to a handful of celebrity men who could be construed as hipsters. Note that we have a few issues with what Hear Ya left out and have awarded bonus points accordingly. Indulge us in this ridiculous exercise after the jump.

Jack White

Well-paying job -1 Mustache +3 Total score: 2

Jason Schwartzman

Well-paying job -1 Wes Anderson bonus +1 Ironic vintage sports T-shirt +3 Total score: 3

Image viaJarvis Cocker

Well-paying job -1 Beard +1 Child out of wedlock (divorced) +5 Total score: 5

Zach Galifianakis

Well-paying job -1 Illegal drugs +3 Beard and/or mustache with more than 2 inches of fluff + 5 Bonus: Ironic alpine sweater +2 Total score: 7

Russell Brand

Well-paying job -1 Beard +1 Illegal drugs +3 Tank top +5 Total score: 8

James Franco

Well-paying job -1 Reading in public +1 Bonus: Ironic General Hospital appearance +3 Bonus: Portraying Allen Ginsberg +3 Bonus: Publishing a book of short stories, opening an art show, and optioning The Adderall Diaries in the same year +5 Total score: 11