Daily Poll: Do You Support India’s Attempt to Stop the Gandhi Auction?


Oh the irony of this whole Gandhi auction. On one side you’ve got the Delhi High Court, who was hoping to halt the sale of the icon’s personal memorabilia — which includes a pocket watch, steel-rimmed eyeglasses, and sandals — by paying a “reasonable negotiated price” for the items. On the other you’ve got LA-based collector James Otis, a self-proclaimed pacifist who reportedly hopes the “publicity surrounding the sale would inspire the Obama administration and others to pursue nonviolence.” He’s not biting.

Hmm… this might have something to do with it: “The reserve price for his belongings at the Antiquorum auction house is $20,000 to $30,000, although some predict the collection could sell for 10 times as much.”

What we’re wondering is: