Thanks, Facebook: You’re Paying for Our Extra Therapy Sessions


Remember last summer when Facebook launched a long-discussed redesign and if you clicked on a little button you were instantly switched over to an entirely differently looking profile? It took us weeks to adapt. Then there was that more recent drama with their revised terms of service agreement; most of you guys agreed with us that it was upsetting. Yesterday they announced that another slew of changes are on the way. This time we think they’ve taken things too far. After the jump the three reasons why we’re going to book an extra session with Dr. Katz this week; chime in with comments if you agree.

1. “Beginning next Wednesday, Facebook will also launch a redesigned home page that lets users receive continuous updates from their friends instead of every 10 or 15 minutes.”

You know the downtime you used to have to IM your friends in between batches of those barfy-but-kind-of-cute pics of your ex and his new girlfriend? Gone.

2. “It is also adding filters so people can choose which of their friends to keep up with and which to silence, limiting news from tiresome or annoying acquaintances you don’t necessarily want to ‘de-friend.'”

Thank you, Facebook. Just what we need: Another enabler for our passive aggressive tendencies.

3. “Facebook’s new question, ‘What’s on your mind?,’ may encourage people to dig deeper into their subconscious and post more entertaining updates than ‘Kevin is updating Facebook.'”

If Kevin can’t make the creative leap now, a different turn of phrase isn’t going to help him become enlightened. If anything, it might lead to a full-blown panic attack.