A Gallery of Misguided Conan O’Brien Tributes


Look, we all love Conan O’Brien. You might have gone to a Team Coco rally and shouted at NBC officials or crammed into the audience at one of his stand-up shows this summer. You might just really be looking forward to his new TBS show, which starts tonight. But love — well, sometimes it makes us do crazy things. Awkward, craft-related things. Like carving Conan’s head out of butter, say. Or an unfortunate tattoo. Or maybe just a really unappealing crochet project on Etsy. After the jump, some of the most unfortunate manifestations of Conan love.

Comedian Ross Everett’s tribute to Conan is, um, colorful? We’re not sure that Conan would really approve of his face being used as the equivalent of a fig leaf/tighty-whiteys.

While we admire the level of craftsmanship that went into this felted Conan doll, we also find it, frankly, kind of creepy. Particularly at the beginning of the video when the narrator does the Conan doll’s voice. Shiver.

This “Lil Coco” is an Etsy user’s interpretation of Conan O’Brien as throw pillow/bizarrely-haired infant. “For those of you who miss your Conan, here is your own Lil Coco to snuggle with at night!” Thanks, but no thanks.

This cake was made to welcome Conan back to Boston on his tour. And it does look mighty tasty. We mostly object to the era of Conan they chose. Strike beard tracksuit Conan? Come on.

This Conan tattoo has the hair done perfectly, but there’s a slightly manic quality to the mouth and eyes. Plus, do you really want your grandkids asking who that orange man on your leg is?

This white chocolate bust of Conan — later to be decorated with bacon hair — actually appeared on The Tonight Show, but we still can’t get over it. Is it terrifying? Is it awesome? Is it a waste of an enormous amount of chocolate? Yes, yes to all.

Nothing says fandom like a lazily photo-shopped Lolcat photo. Amirite?

This Conan mask gets an “A” for effort, but we would be scared out of our wits if we saw some child in an alley wearing it.

Everything you need to know about Robo Coco from the artist: “His head is sculpted in polymer clay and topped with wool. I used wind-up toy parts for the body.”

And finally, some very cool Conan O’Brien domino art. We’re only including it because of how much time we imagine it would take to set up 2500 dominoes.