Introducing Ask An Artist – Do Graff Artists Just Care About Money?


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No, we won’t be able to get MATTHEW BARNEY to give you his phone number — we wouldn’t want to upset a wild card like BJORK — but we will be able to use our pull to get your art-related queries answered, stat.

Below, our first question from an angry reader in Downtown Los Angeles. Read on for the artist’s interesting response after the jump.

I recently spotted an interesting image of a large pair of hands cupping a bunny pasted up around 3rd Street. One of my friends told me that the artist was this guy from Brooklyn, GAIA, who was showing at the CARMICHAEL GALLERY. This is what bugs me about all graffiti artists; is it your goal to just get rich and abandon the street?

That question is especially pertinent now that we are undergoing an economic crisis.

I want to maintain a career in the art market that is consistent and responsible, and of course it would be a blessing if I could sell out every show that I participated in. But if for some reason the sales of my work do begin to wane, the streets will always be a limitless canvas.

Considering the fact that I just turned 20, I hope to continue working in the streets as long as possible!

– Gaia