Daily Dose Pick: The 1000 Journals Project


The ultimate in crowd-sourced, user-generated, globalized wiki-culture, San Francisco-based designer Brian Singer’s 1000 Journals Project is as analog as can be.

In the decade since Singer distributed the project’s first notebooks — featuring original covers by popular young artists and an open invitation to fill some of their pages and pass them on — the journals have crisscrossed the globe. Along the way, they’ve accumulated powerful, eclectic stories and art, and spawned exhibitions, a book, a documentary film, and a second round of international paper-tag.

Visit the 1000 Journals Project online, peruse galleries of cover art and individual notebooks, view a selection of journals in person at LA’s Skirball Center through February, buy the 1000 Journals book

and DVD, and register for the next phase, 1001 Journals.

Click through below for a gallery of images from the 1000 Journals Project.

Journal 59

Journal 526

Journal 707

Journal 967

Journal 987

Cover by Andy Choeke

Cover by Clement Hanami

Cover by Jackie Terrell

Cover by Jamie Ursic

Cover by Kara Klein

Cover by Marcus Kuiland-Nazario

Cover by Mel Kadel

Cover by Ruth Roberts

Cover by Sabrina Wagner

Cover by Gary Baseman

The book