Attention New York Ladies: You Can Be on Gossip Girl


Leah just saw this post on Eater, and it’s causing quite the uproar in Flavorpill’s office, with several male staffers threatening to get a sex change for free fancy food and booze. Forget the posh grub. Is it wrong that we’re considering buying this costume just so we can smell Chace Crawford’s hair and try to befriend Derota?

“Attention UES parents, creepy old men, and ladies willing do anything for a free meal. Feast your eyes on this little ol’ Dealfeed from Park Avenue Winter: ‘Park Avenue Winter will make its small-screen debut on The CW’s Gossip Girl on Monday, March 16. The ingénue restaurant is celebrating its star turn with a special offer for March 16-20: girls of any age in a school uniform will be treated to dinner with Park Avenue’s compliments.’ ‘Girls’ over 21 get two rounds on the house. 100 East 63rd Street at Park Avenue, 212-644-1900.