10 of Foursquare’s Weirdest Badges


If you haven’t joined the trendy location-based game Foursquare it’s about time — even Gossip Girl is casually referring to it these days. For the uninitiated, Foursquare allows you to check-in at different venues on your smartphone, both to let friends know the coolest places in town and to rack up badges. Some of the badges are pretty self-explanatory and easy to get, while others are slightly more… creative. Click through to see 10 of the strangest badges in Foursquare’s brief history.

CNN Healthy Eater

Status: Active

How to get it: Follow CNN on Foursquare then check-in at a local farmer’s market (you can find a market near you at the USDA Farmer’s Market page).

Quote: Onions, peppers and pears, oh my! Thanks for supporting your local farmers. Tune in to CNN all this week or visit Eatocracy.com for more healthy eating tips!

Conan Blimpspotter

Status: Active

How to get it: Follow Team Coco on Foursquare, spot the big orange blimp and check-in to it. Finding the blimp isn’t as hard as you might think: just follow Team Coco on Twitter.

Quote: You’ve spotted The Conan Blimp! A big orange bag of slow moving gas has never looked so pretty. Visit http://www.teamcoco.com for more Conan!

Cupcake Connoisseur

Status: Active

How to get it: Follow TLC on Foursquare, then check-in at two venues listed on their Foursquare page as having to do with cupcakes.

Quote: A true cupcake connoisseur, you know the goods when you see (and taste) them! TLC’s Cake Boss would be proud.


Status: Active

How to get it: Collect the business cards of six Foursquare employees. On the back of the cards are six different badges. Entering them at foursquare.com/bizcard and you’ll get the badge. (Hint: the correct badges are listed here.)

Quote: “The Backstreet Boys of tech! The Menudo of the interne…. OMG! @NAVEEN JUST TOUCHED MY SHIRT!”

Last Degree

Status: Inactive

How to get it: Check-in at the North Pole. (This badge was made just for Parker Liautaud for his trip to the Pole.)

Quote: Congrats on making it to the North Pole! Take a deep breath, plant your flag and be sure to get home safe!


Status: Active

How to get it: Follow RunKeeper on Foursquare, and then run a marathon.

Quote: You finished a marathon (that’s twenty-six point two miles, friend), and all you got was this badge. Oh wait… and that INCREDIBLE feeling of accomplishment! Way to go!

NASA Explorer

Status: Inactive

How to get it: Follow NASA on Foursquare… then check-in in space.

Quote: You are now 220 miles above the Earth traveling at 17,500 mph and unlocked the NASA Explorer Badge! Show this badge and get a free scoop of astronaut ice cream.

Pee-wee Herman Show

Status: Active until January 2, 2011

How to get it: Check-in at a venue that Paul Reubens is currently checked-in at… twice.

Quote: Good morning boys and girls! Welcome to the Pee-wee parade! Bring this badge to the Sondheim Theatre box office @ 124 West 43rd and SCREAM REAL LOUD for a surprise from Pee-wee (while supplies last).


Status: Inactive

How to get it: Check-in at the Today Show Plaza in New York three times before 6 am.

Quote: That’s 3 check-ins before 6 AM! Just like Al Roker – you’re becoming a regular in his “neck of the woods.”


Status: Active

How to get it: Check-in at 10 different galleries.

Quote: That sure is a nice collection of art gallery check-ins (10 different galleries!)