Daily Poll: Admit It. You Didn’t Really Read Ulysses, Did You?


According to a report in today’s Irish Times, “a survey, carried out on the World Book Day website in January and February, found two-thirds of people lied about reading books they have in fact not read.” Not surprisingly, most people who admitted to lying explained that they only did it in order to impress the person who they were talking to.

Also not a shocker, the most fibbed-about titles are all classics: 1984, War and Peace, Ulysses, The Bible, and Madame Bovary. Oddly six percent of all respondents admitted to falsely claiming that they had read Barack Obama’s Dreams from My Father — proving that Barry’s almost as popular in the UK and Ireland as James Joyce!

What we’re wondering is:


And if you answer is yes, do us a favor and leave the title in the comments. We’re not going to judge you; we’re just curious. In fact, we’ll go first and admit that we’ve lied about reading Infinite Jest more than once.