Exclusive: 100 Pieces of Armory Art in 100 Minutes [Photo Gallery]


New York’s annual Armory Show is to the art world what Al Bundy is to assholes: unbelievably, undeniably important. Held on the edge of the Hudson, the massive, international artgasm draws thousands upon thousands of artists, galleries, and aesthetes into the bounds of two enormous bunkers. Over the course of three days, they trade insider info, elect the new art-world elite, and swill enough wine to make Vincent van Gogh look like the Anti-Saloon League.

Flavorpill’s resident art outsiders Andy and Leah (with added West Coast flair courtesy of Flavorpill LA managing editor Shana Nys Dambrot) hit the show’s elites-only preview with one mission in mind: to get their pictures taken with 100 hundred pieces of art in 100 minutes. (Perhaps they were inspired by this.) Yes, some feathers were ruffled, important pieces were profaned, the New Yorker’s art critic was (emotionally) assaulted, and members of the Crystal Method were left woefully under-acknowledged.

Still, it was worth it to bring you the following photo set. So get comfy, settle in for the long haul, and CLICK HERE FOR 100 PIECES OF ARMORY ART IN 100 MINUTES !

P.S.: We’re in the process of trying to identify all the artworks/artists we shot — it was kind of impossible to keep track of things thanks to a limited time frame/copious amounts of champagne. If you happen to know the credit info for a piece, shoot us an email here, and we’ll add it.