Daily Dose Pick: Sophie Crumb


In Sophie Crumb: Evolution of a Crazy Artist, the daughter of Robert Crumb showcases her talent for irreverence and skewed idealism — both inherited and individualized — from age two to 28.

The book is as delightfully weird as one would expect from the progeny of the underground comix icon — who helped edit the collection — but the youngest Crumb is not ultimately stuck in her father’s shadow. A trained circus performer and former tattoo artist, she proves her artistic pedigree with offbeat sketches, cartoons, studies, and doodles, all of which closely chart the growth of the artist’s creative explorations over many years.

Listen to an interview with Crumb on NPR, check out a full-screen book preview, see more of her work on her blog, read her Q&A with T Magazine, view her current exhibit at DKCT Contemporary in New York, and buy the book


Click through below for a gallery of images from the book.

Sophie Crumb, 1984

Sophie Crumb, 1986

Sophie Crumb, 1986

Sophie Crumb, 1995

Sophie Crumb, 1995

Sophie Crumb, 2000

Sophie Crumb, 2001

Sophie Crumb, 2003

Sophie Crumb, 2004

Sophie Crumb, 2005

Sophie Crumb, 2006

Sophie Crumb, 2006

Sophie Crumb, 2009