Cast Eliza Doolittle 2.0


Audrey Hepburn’s legacy is not having a stellar week. First, this photo of Emma Roberts “channeling” the icon as part of Glamour magazine’s hit-or-miss anniversary portfolio made us wonder if the photographer had ever even heard of Hepburn. Then, the news of the My Fair Lady remake re-surfaced with Danny Boyle attached to the project, and rumors of Keira Knightley in the starring role — a predictable yet poor choice to reprise the role of Eliza Doolittle.

We think Boyle can do better (if he does end up directing, which we hope he does), choosing not merely a contemporary Audrey imitator, but a new face whose take on Eliza can stand alone. Did anyone watch that made-for-tv movie where Jennifer Love Hewitt played Hepburn, where you just wanted to give her points for trying but couldn’t get yourself even do that? Let’s not let that happen again.

We’re thinking a few young British faces could do well, like The Duchess‘ Hayley Atwell, Carey Mulligan, or maybe Sally Hawkins? Or perhaps Minka Kelly, after some heavy training? Maybe you have better suggestions — if you could choose Eliza Doolittle 2.0, who would it be?