Cities from Space: A Guessing Game


More than half of humanity lives in or near a city, but only a tiny, privileged fraction of a percent have ever seen these engines of civilization from the scenic vacuum of space. Plenty of lucky satellites, however, have been busy for decades taking false-color pictures of urban areas, with pleasing results both aesthetic and scientific. In the guessing game after the jump, we let you figure out which metropolis is which. Who knows? It might even be yours.

A) Munich, Germany

B) Milan, Italy

C) Washington, DC

D) Paris, France

A) Tel Aviv, Israel

B) Toronto, Canada

C) Chicago, Illinois

D) Vladivostok, Russia

A) Manila, Philippines

B) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

C) Buenos Aires, Argentina

D) Mogadishu, Somalia

A) Paris, France

B) Columbus, Ohio

C) Baghdad, Iraq

D) Calcutta, India

A) Stockholm, Sweden

B) Amsterdam, Holland

C) Copenhagen, Denmark

D) Santa Fe, New Mexico

A) Copenhagen, Denmark

B) Miami, Florida

C) Boston, Massachusetts

D) Dublin, Ireland

A) Tokyo, Japan

B) Seattle, Washington

C) Seoul, South Korea

D) Milwaukee, Wisconsin

A) Brussels, Belgium

B) London, England

C) Louisville, Kentucky

D) Dubai, United Arab Emirates

A) Salt Lake City, Utah

B) Tehran, Iran

C) Algiers, Algeria

D) Prescott, Arizona

This one is a gimme.

A) New York City, New York

B) Indianapolis, Indiana

C) Kyoto, Japan

D) Rome, Italy

Answer key: 1:C, 2:C, 3:C, 4:B, 5:C, 6:D, 7:A, 8:B, 9:B, 10:A