The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories


1. According to the NY Post , Jim Carrey is renting studio space from Julian Schnabel. Says a source: “Jim is working on a large abstract canvas. His work is actually quite good.” 2. NBC may be moving 30 Rock to a 10pm time slot to make way for the return of Parks and Recreation and a new comedy, Perfect Couples. [via EW] 3. “My whole goal is to reintroduce magic to hip hop. We watched this wizard do his thing. Y’all supported him. And he’s an official Roc Nation signee.” Jay-Z on signing Jay Electronica to Roc Nation 4. Michael Jackson’s first official posthumous single — “Hold My Hand” — is here. A different version of the song leaked back in 2008, but this one is supposedly a lot better. [via Vulture] 5. Watch the five most ridiculous moments from last night’s premiere of Sarah Palin’s Alaska — including its unfortunate theme song. [via]

Bonus link: Download the New Girl Talk Album, All Day