Pic of the Day: Dzine’s Gold, Jeweled ‘Voodoo’ Bicycle


No, reader, your eyes do not deceive you: This beguiling bicycle, covered in gold leaf, Swarovski crystals, and assorted jewels, is longer than your average two-wheeler. That’s because Dzine modeled it after illegal Szway bikes, which are custom-made by — and all the rage for — teenagers in Curaçao, where the Chicago artist recently had a residency. The bicycle is the centerpiece of Dzine’s Voodoo, a solo show that will run through December 4th at New York’s Leo Koenig Projekte, that also features videos and photos of Curaçao’s Swaybar culture. If you’re intrigued, click over to Arrested Motion to see additional photos and learn more about the project.