10 Works of Art That Look Good Enough to Eat


We sure hope someone is making Wayne Thiebaud one hell of a birthday cake. The artist, who turns 90 today, is known for his paintings of delicious-looking food. The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s café is commemorating the event with a special Thiebaud-inspired menu, which will of course feature edible versions of his world-famous cakes. Since we’re stuck on the East Coast, we’ll have to celebrate in our own way, with this round up of high-art food porn, including delectable works by everyone from Manet and Gauguin to Ralph Goings and Will Cotton.

Nicolaes Gillis, Laid Table, 1611, oil on wood, 59 x 79 cm [via]

Edouard Manet, Spargelbündel, 1880, oil on canvas, 18.11” × 21.65” [via]

Paul Gauguin, Le jambon, 1889, oil on canvas, 19.68” × 22.83” [via]

Paul Cezanne, Still Life with Curtain and Flowered Pitcher, 1899, oil on canvas, 54.7 x 74 cm [via]

Salvador Dalí, Still Life with Aubergines, 1922, oil on canvas [via]

Andy Warhol, Ice Cream Dessert, 1959 [via]

Claes Oldenburg, Pastry Case, I, 1961-62, painted plaster sculptures on ceramic plates, metal platter, and cups in glass-and-metal case, 52.7 x 76.5 x 37.3 cm [via]

Kay Kurt, For All Their Innocent Airs, They Know Exactly Where They’re Going, 1968, oil on canvas, 60” x 144” [via]. This painting is currently on view at Brooklyn Museum’s exhibition Seductive Suversion: Women Pop Artists 1958-1968 .

Ralph Goings, Cream Pie, 1979, oil on canvas, 26” x 36” [via]

Will Cotton, Chocolate Forest, 2001, oil on linen, 75” x 100” [via]