The Best of Paris Photo 2010


Appropriately set in the “City of Light,” the world’s most important photography fair features photographs, videos, memorabilia, and publications from 106 galleries and publishers from 25 countries worldwide. Each year, tens of thousands flock to the fair to travel the globe vicariously through the lenses of international artists. Now in its 14th edition, Paris Photo 2010, which opened yesterday and runs through Sunday, features historical and contemporary works by established and emerging artists and an overview of new trends in video and still photography, while spotlighting practitioners from Central Europe. Browsing through the hundreds of images on the Paris Photo website, we’ve assembled our favorite photographs — ranging from Philippe Chancel’s aerial view of the tallest building in the universe to Mona Kuhn’s portrait of lovers lounging in bed — that represent the best of the fair.

Click through below for a gallery of images.

Deanna Templeton, scratch my name on your arm, 2004-2009, gelatin silver print, Courtesy deanna Templeton, courtesy Fifty One Fine Art Photography, Antwerp

Philippe Chancel, Burj Dubaï, 2009, Photographie numérique, tirage jet d´encre sur papier fine art, 165 x 125 cm, Courtesy Philippe Chancel & Galerie Philippe Chaume, Paris

Antti Laitinen, Self-portrait on the Swamp, 2002, c-print, Diasec, 115 x 160 cm, courtesy Antti Laitinen and Anhava Gallery Helsinki

Tereza Vlckova, Two 12, 2008, Digital print, 90×90 cm, Copyright Tereza Vlckova, courtesy Leica Gallery, Prague

Ozant Kamaci , pause_1, 2009, analog C-print, 76,2 x 76,2 cm, Copyright Özant Kamacı, Courtesy The Empty Quarter Gallery, Dubai

Peter Bialobrzeski, The Raw and the Cooked, 2010, C-Print, 128 x 160 cm, Courtesy of the artist and Robert Morat Gallery Hamburg

Ellen Kooi, Out of Sight, 15/02/09, Copyright Ellen Kooi, courtesy Editions Filigranes, Paris

Loan Nguyen, Neige, 2008, ink-jet print, 120 x 160 cm, courtesy galerie Esther Woerdehoff, Paris

Larry Sultan, Blooming in Antioch, 2008, chromogenic color print, 120×160 cm, courtesy of the artist and Janet Borden Gallery New York

Michal Chelbin, Andrei, Ukraine, 2006, chromogenic print, 45 x 45 cm, copyright of artist, courtesy M+B Gallery Los Angeles

Daniel Canogar, Enredos, 2008, Digital photography on aluminium, 150 x 225 cm, Copyright Daniel Canogar, Courtesy Galeria Max Estrella, Madrid

Alex Prager, Film Still #1 from Despair, 2010, C-type print, 40 x 50cm, Copyright Alex Prager, courtesy Michael Hoppen Gallery

Massimo Vitali, Croatia #3902, 2010. Copyright Massimo Vitali / Courtesy Bonni Benrubi Gallery, NYC

Rip Hopkins, Série Another Country – Les britanniques en France, 2010, 80 x 60 cm, Courtesy Galerie Le Réverbère, Lyon

Cédric Delsaux, Tchernobyl 5, Waiting Room, Prypiat, Ukraine, 2007, Pigment Ink Print, Copyright Cedric Delsaux / Courtesy Bonni Benrubi Gallery, NYC

Tina Barney, Leo Castelli and Wife, W Magazine, 1998, chromogenic color print, 120×150 cm, courtesy of the artist and Janet Borden Gallery New York

Tom Hunter, Anchor and Hope, 2009, C print, edition of 5, 122 x 152.2 cm, Copyright the Artist, Courtesy Purdy Hicks Gallery London

Liu Xiaofang, I Remember, 2008. Courtesy of the artist and 798 Photo Gallery Beijing

Mona Kuhn, Lovers, 2009, Chromogenic Colour Print, 76 x 76 cm, Copyright Mona Kuhn, courtesy Flowers Gallery, London

Nezaket Ekici, form-it-able, September 2010, Photography, Copyright Nezaket Ekici, courtesy of DNA Gallery, Berlin

Elina Brotherus, Deux danseuses posant chez une photographe, 2007, c-print, edition of 5 + 2 AP, 105 x 83 cm., Courtesy Martin Asbæk Gallery, Copenhagen

Pieter Hugo, David Akore, Agbogbloshie Market, Accra, Ghana, 2010, Digital C-print, © Pieter Hugo, Courtesy Yossi Milo Gallery, New York

Allen Frame, Veronesa, Mexico City, 2007, Chromogenic color print, 76.2 x 90.17, © Allen Frame, Courtesy of Gitterman Gallery, New York

Robert Polidori, Le Congrès de Paris, by Edouard Dubufe, 1856. Salle 67, Salles Empire, Aile du Midi – R.d.C., 2007, Fujicolour crystal archive print, 127 x 152 cm, Copyright robert Polidori, courtesy Flowers Gallery, London