Classic Love Songs Get a Zombie-Style Makeover


As an interesting post on the history of zombies in America on io9 notes, our country has given birth to some of the world’s most recognizable zombie imagery thanks to movies like Night of the Living Dead, books like World War Z, and now the incredibly popular TV series The Walking Dead (which, it’s worth noting, is based on an American comic book). But you know what we haven’t seen a lot of? Zombies in popular music — of course, we mean outside of The Zombies and Rob.

Enter Michael P. Spradlin, and his upcoming release Every Zombie Eats Somebody Sometime: A Book of Zombie Love Songs

, which landed on our desk earlier this week and hits shelves later this month. Click through to check out the songs in its Table of Contents, and see if you can figure out which classics he’s spoofing.

My Fear of a Clown You’ll Scream in Fear Everybody Eats Somebody Sometime You’ve Lost That Livin’ Feeling Can You Find My Thumb Tonight? Imagine (There’s No Zombies) Brains Today I Want to Eat Your Hand That’ll Be the Day (When I Make You Die) I Bit You Babe You Are So Edible Zombies in the Night My Heart Will Taste Good My Undead Love Fifty Ways to Eat Your Lover Eat Caroline I Can’t Stop Chewing You With or Without Goo You Are Tender Tasty Indigestible Taste Wonderful Tonight When a Man Bites a Woman You’re the One That I Chomp Do You Think I’m Tasty Chew Me Up, Buttercup Killing Him Swiftly You Blight Up My Life I Will Always Kill You