The 30 Rock Drinking Game – Do Not Blame Us When You’re Hungover Tomorrow


In case you haven’t noticed we really love 30 ROCK — so much that we’ve already watched tonight’s season premiere on Hulu. Twice.

To make it more exciting for us the third time around (yes, we plan to watch again, it’s that good!) we’ve decided to combine tonight’s screening with another of our favorite vices.

Without further ado, The 30 Rock Drinking Game for crazy fans like us or people who just want to get tipsy on a Thursday night.

If you’ve already watched this episode too, feel free to add to our list in the comments below. And don’t worry no spoilers, we promise.

You must drink when…

– Liz Lemon says the word baby

– You see the word “horny”

– Jack Donaghy gets a promotion

– Megan Mullally writes in her notebook

– You spy a troll doll or unicorn

– Anyone walks through Rockefeller Center

– Tracy Jordan says “Liz Lemon”

– Liz Lemon gets someone’s name wrong

– Devon Banks has a homoerotic moment

– Jenna Maroney whines about something