Wanted: Holiday Cards That Don’t Suck


Ironically, our biggest problem with sending holiday cards isn’t how much time it takes; it’s the fact that we can never find the right ones to send. Enter: Just a Few Cards a cool, collaborative project by artist Paul Octavious and eight of his designer/illustrator pals that we spotted over on Brain Pickings. Inspired by “the state of Christmas cards” and “the resurgence of a desire for giving and receiving physical, handwritten notes,” they’ve created a beautiful series of cards that runs the design gamut from straight up data visualization to the delightfully Don Draper-esque. Click through to check out some of our favorites, which are all priced at $18 for a set of nine.

Seasons Graphings by Nick Felton

Christmas Cookie Crisis by Jacob Livengood

Midcentury Holidays by Mark Weaver

Wishing You a Happy Holiday by Julia Sonmi Heglund

Exploded Christmas Tree by Joe Van Wetering