Rate-a-Trailer: Jake Gyllenhaal in Source Code


As our friends at Vulture point out, the trailer for Jake Gyllenhaal’s new sci-fi thriller Source Code (the second feature from Moon director Duncan Jones), “plays like Inception, The Matrix, and Déjà Vu all rolled around on the floor and made a baby.” What we can’t decide yet is whether that’s a good thing or not. Gyllenhaal plays a soldier who — thanks to the very threatening sounding “source code” — keeps being transported into the body of a man on a train that’s about to be bombed. The goal is for him to figure out who’s behind the bombing in the eight minutes he has got. But then he goes and falls in love with the guy’s girlfriend (Michelle Monaghan), and obviously, it becomes more about saving her, even though it’s unclear whether that’s even possible. Click through and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Source Code opens on April 15, 2011.