Friday Night Lights: "New York, New York"


Jason Street must have seen Jerry Maguire too many times — Tom Cruise strutting, screaming, “Show me the Money!”; Renee Zellweger’s pre-Bridget Jones bod; that kid with the cute glasses — because he’s heading to the Big Apple to become a sports agent. Along for the ride? Tim Riggins of course. The duo maneuvers the rough terrain of Manhattan with typical Texas flair. Too bad cabbies aren’t friendly and wheelchair access sucks. They enter Paul Stuart after accosting an on-the-go businessman about his sartorial preferences. The suits — un-shockingly — are expensive. Luckily, New York is filled with street-side immigrants selling under-priced menswear.

Katie McCoy attempts to coerce Tammy into purchasing a dream house she can’t afford. Tammy worries what coach will say.

Cash hits the road with the rodeo. He’ll do his best to stay faithful. Tyra is not convinced.

Assistant Coach Mac — known primarily for a racist remark in which he compared Smash to a wild animal in Season 1 — has a heart attack on the field. Or something. Team needs a backup fast. Luckily JD’s McCoy’s private QB coach is available. Buddy Garrity pressures and coach gives in. This happens every week.

Matt Saracen is sick of the bench. He wants to play wide receiver now. Miraculously he’s good at it, but coach won’t give him a chance. Coach has other things on his mind, like real estate, J.D. McCoy, and being surly. Oh yeah, Matt and Julie are back together.

Back East, Jason gets to Grant’s sports agency, but there’s no job for him there. Turns out Jason’s completely unqualified. Hmmm… maybe he should have called first before driving half the country? Luckily, Riggins has a plan: They must find Wendall — a Dillon alum on the verge of signing with a big agency — and convince him to sign with the agency that just ejected Jason. Not a bad plan Rig! These boys have come a long way since their last a road trip — a boozy, breast-filled, jaunt across the border where Jason tempted fate with a black-market Mexican surgeon.

Tammy is correct; coach doesn’t want to purchase a mansion they can’t afford. Arguing ensues. Apparently Tammy hasn’t been following the sub-prime mortgage crisis. Another episode about real estate? Seriously? With NBC calling for cancellation, maybe FNL hopes to be picked up by the Home and Garden network.

Tyra screws up her college interview because she’s thinking about Cash. Uh-oh. Now she has no choice but to drop out of school to hit the rodeo circuit with her bronc-buckin’ BF. If only there was another option!

No one’s noticed that Riggins is MIA from both practice and school. But his plan works! Jason — doing his best Tom Cruise impersonation — convinces Wendall to sign with Grant’s agency. Jason’s efforts get him a job offer. Riggins stands beside him, groomed and grinning, one modest mensch.

At Julie’s insistence, Coach gives Saracen a sidewalk tryout at wide receiver. Saracen swivels amongst the tall trees and streetlamp shadows. We recall: the simplicity and beauty of football. Saracen gets the receiver gig.

Rig and J. head to Jersey to drop the good news on Jason’s progeny and baby mama. The Jersey sunset shines chemical orange on the two friends. They pound fists. “Texas Forever.” Jason holds his baby as Bonnie “Prince” Billy whispers sweet indie balladry. Everything will work out fine. Riggins stares into the camera; his baby blues drip Texas tears.