The Flavorpill Mixtape XLIX: The Knife, Cut Copy, Mogwai


Turkey day grows near, and we have a brand-new buffet of sounds to accompany you on your merry way to tryptophan-ville. Glut yourself on music with hot, fresh tracks from old favorites like Tyvek, Mogwai, and Destroyer as well as a sprinkling of remixed cuts and a few offerings from some rising stars. Enjoy your holiday, stuff your ears full of new music, and don’t forget to right click and save as to download those songs (or make your way to the bottom of the page for the whole hog).

1. “Chinatown” by Destroyer

After 14 years, Dan Bejar and Destroyer are still going strong, dropping their ninth studio album Kaputt January 25th on Merge. “Chinatown” offers a delectable taste of the new album, and an unusually straightforwardly personal track. It’s got a soft-rock-with-an-edge feeling, full of noodling sax, soft melody, and less-than-flattering confessions.

2. “The Portal (James Figurine Remix)” by Psychic Powers

As an appetizer for Psychic Powers’ debut album — out next month — the duo released this reimagining of “The Portal” from James Tamborello a.k.a. James Figurine, the brains behind The Postal Service and Dntel. Here, Figurine adds his ethereal, bass-heavy touch to the track, shifting the pace and transforming it into a late-night hang-out anthem.

3. “Welcome to the World” by T.I. (ft. Kanye West and Kid Cudi)

While all eyes were on Kanye and his dark fantasy, T.I., between stints in jail, has been working on his new album, complete with the same recruits who appeared on some of Kanye’s tracks — along with Yeezy himself. No Mercy hits stores on December 7th, and from the early tracks floating out there, it promises to be T.I.’s best offering since King. “Welcome to the World” is a Class-A track, brash and big and full of lyricism.

4. “Seeds (Portable/Bodycode Remix)” by The Knife

Much-beloved screech-beatmasters The Knife just released an EP chock-full of remixes of “Seeds,” a poppier track than we’re used to from them, complete with vocals from Danish opera queen Kristina Wahlin and Swedish pop star Jonathan Johansson. This remix tops 12 minutes, runs towards the experimental soundscape end of things, and it makes an interesting contrast against the original track.

5. “Rano Pano” by Mogwai

Mogwai currently holds the title for most long-winded but awesome album titles, and they look like they’re continuing the streak with Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will, due out February 14th. (Happy Valentine’s Day, indie kids!) “Rano Pano” is a beautiful track — sprawling, frazzled, mournful, and full of those gorgeous nuggets of guitarwork that the Scottish post-punk group has made its name on.

6. “Take Me Over” by Cut Copy

Two years after their last dance-bomb of an album, the Australian quartet are back with Zonoscope in February of next year. “Take Me Over” is aptly named — the synths pour in and take control, augmented by the 1980s soft-rock vocals and the steady thung-thung of the bassline.

7. “This Wheel’s on Fire” by Atlas Sound (Bob Dylan cover)

Bradford Cox, better known to us as Atlas Sound or the lead singer of Deerhunter, released two volumes of self-made mixtapes this week. They’re chock full of covers and interesting little sonic nuggets, including Kurt Vile cover and a bunch of rich, basement-recorded tracks. Nab his mixes over at his blog, and check out our favorite item — his cover of Bob Dylan and the Band’s “This Wheel’s on Fire.”

8. “Underwater To” by Tyvek

A slightly calmer — but just as gnarled track from Detroit garage punks Tyvek, who just released a new album, “Underwater To” is a delicious, hectic slice of noise. It’s not quite the stomper that “4312,” the other offering from their album, is, but what it lacks in yelling, it gains in melodic undertones.

9. “Panic Attack” by OFF!

Hardcore punk patron saint Keith Morris returns with his new LA punk/hardcore band, OFF! and brings in the noise, if not the funk. He’s joined by Burning Brides’ Dimitri Coats and Rocket from the Crypt’s Mario Rubalcapa to make a sort of flash-frozen 1970s punk supergroup.

10. “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah (RAC Remix)” by Remix Artist Collective (ft. Tracy Morgan and Donald Glover)

From the new 30 Rock Soundtrack — which we’ve mentioned before — comes the most essential track of 2010, bar none. That’s right: the “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah” remix. We know it’s the wrong holiday, but who can resist? In the immortal words of Tracy Morgan: “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah! Spooky, scary…/Boys becoming men/Men becoming wolves!”

Download the whole enchilada at once.