10 Looks to Get You Through the Holiday Party Season


Thanksgiving marks the launch of the holiday party season. Which means that even though you might feel like you ate your weight in turkey yesterday, odds are that you’ll need to slide into something fancy in the coming weeks. Thanks to our friends Erica Cerulo and Claire Mazur from Of a Kind, a pair of emerging design experts who recently launched the first shopping site run fully through Tumblr, you’ll have no problem looking effortlessly cool at all of your upcoming events — from your office’s annual party to an intimate dinner with your closet pals. Click through for 10 of our favorite looks for both girls and guys.


Of a Kind says: “This skirt — from the first collection by Whitney Pozgay, Kate Spade’s very charming niece — is classic December-night-out fare. But the red cashmere sweater is slouchy enough that you’d look like you just came from a day of present-wrapping. On the whole, the 29-year-old designer makes looking like an uptown girl seem cool.” Available at Barneys, Bird, Steven Alan, Kaight, Honey in the Rough

Dallin Chase

Of a Kind says:“Skip the tiny little party skirt and go for a maxi dress. The low neckline of this style from Dallin Chase, named after the designer Jason Cauchi’s two oldest kids, makes up for the lack of leg, and the ornate belt means you don’t have to mess with jewelry. Bonus: You can wear extra-thick (i.e., legitimately warm) wool tights underneath.” Available at Shopbop.com

Baron Wells

Of a Kind says: “All of the looks in the fall collection from Baron Wells seem especially suited for the Instagram photos that will inevitably be posted to Twitter during the course of the evening. Dominick Volini and Mads Madsen, the duo behind the line, have a way of making pieces that are ultra-classic but eye-catching. See: the black buttons on the oxford, the snug (but not skinny!) cut of the chinos.” Available at Saturdays, I.D. New York, Epaulete, Smith & Butler, Steven Alan

Katie Ermilio

Of a Kind says: “If you’re going somewhere schmancy, Katie Ermilio’s dresses are heavy on the class, light on the sequins — the designer’s grandfather dressed Grace Kelly, after all. The rosy-red hue of this wispy style will take you from the boyfriend’s office party (open bar, we hope) to any NYE affairs without blending in or looking like you’re trying too hard.” Inquire at sales@katieermilio.com

Kelly Bergin

Of a Kind says: “If your idea of celebrating is spiked cider at The Knitting Factory, might we suggest this getup by Kelly Bergin. The LA-based phenom has mastered the relaxed-but-sleek aesthetic—mixing luxe fabrics and laid-back cuts just so — and this look would be just as amazing with wedges as with combat boots.” Available at Oak, Otte, Life:Curated

Caulfield Preparatory

Of a Kind says: “There’s nothing wrong with a holiday sweater if you have the right holiday sweater, and this cheeky men’s line has the sort that makes any outfit feel seasonally appropriate (which is a good thing). It’s bright and cheery and would go with jeans, charcoal pants, you name it. No matter what, we suggest accessorizing with flushed cheeks and two-day stubble.” Available at Bloomingdales, Kesner

Apiece Apart

Of a Kind says: “Words cannot describe the sheer coziness of this outfit, which is perfect for the friend dinner when you’re supposed to get food on the table and make conversation. Yes, those are suede pants — and the sort of baggy sweater and boyfriend-cut jacket that you feel like you should own but can never actually find. But Laura Cramer and Starr Hout, who launched Apiece Apart in 2009, always seem to create the kind of pieces that should be the easiest to score but never are.” Available at Albertine, Bird, Blue Tree, Jumelle, Loopy Mango, Maryam Nassir Zadeh, Mick Margo, Otte, Steven Alan

Samantha Pleet

Of a Kind says: “This is a party jumper, and we’d be willing to wager that if you have about three events a week through the end of the month, you could get away with wearing it to every single one. Toss a tweedy blazer and big necklace on top for a dinner; pull on an angora cardigan and patterned lace-ups for an apartment party. Samantha Pleet always delivers styles that are fun but never full-blown silly.” Available at Bird, Court, Duo, Eva New York, Helianthus, Honey in the Rough, Kaight, TG170

Fischer Clothing

Of a Kind says: “The vest thing still totally works if you go for straight-up classic (nothing that feels too Justin Timberlake or steampunk, that is). Fischer Clothing, the year-old line by Kristina Angelozzi, has a spot-on take that spiffs up your everyday shirts-and-ties for a special occasion — that is, any event where eggnog is served.” Inquire at fischerclothing.com

Dusen Dusen

Of a Kind says: “Ellen Van Dusen is a textile master, and this screen-printed silk dress is basically the easiest thing in the world to throw on after a long day of work when the last thing you want to do is mingle (and it layers well, too). Slap on a red lip stain, smile, and get your hands on a glass of wine.” Available at Convent, Charlie and Sam, Dear Fieldbinder, Duo, In God We Trust, Thistle and Clover