How Artists Procrastinate


Making good art may be all about skill, inspiration, and perseverance, but we can’t think of a single creative type who is all brilliance all the time. From writer’s block to plain laziness, all artists find ways to waste time when the work isn’t flowing. Dutch team Lernert & Sander’s short documentaries The Procrastinators are fascinating precisely because their themes are universal.

Each of the series’ 11 minimalist episodes finds a writer, artist, or filmmaker talking about how he or she procrastinates. The interviews are paired solely with a simple photo, against a white background, representing the distractions the subject mentions — a cigarette balanced on a glass of wine, a record player rigged to resemble a Spirograph, even a gang of snails spread out across a desk. Check out the first episode after the jump, and watch three more at Vimeo.

[via Design Observer]