The Top 10 Quotes from Courtney Love’s Reality Show Pitch


Courtney Love wants to be the next Diddy — at least, that’s what she wants today. Our very favorite rock ‘n roll mess showed up on Running Russell Simmons to pitch the mogul on a reality show. Called Rock Chicks, it would be C-Love’s very own Making the Band, a competition that has her whipping a gaggle of ladies into shape to become the next big all-girl rock band. And, despite its mastermind’s inability to maintain focus, Simmons is pretty into the idea.

You most certainly need to watch the clip below, which finds Love singing Patti Smith’s “Rock N Roll Nigger” to Simmons, praising herself as a role model, and talking about her elaborate mood boards. If you don’t have the stomach for that, just read through our recap of the 10 best quotes from her Rock Show pitch.

1. “My whole aesthetic is very much, like, funkier West Village. It’s certainly not shabby. It’s post-shabby.”

2. “I’m sort of the Tyra of these girls.”

3. “I want a crew in front of me so I can be like Diddy and come in and come out.”

4. “I’m good at mentoring girls. That’s my strength.”

5. “I’m an autocrat, but it’s about plutocrats, and I don’t think you nor I are plutocrats.” (Simmons: “You see how you change subjects? It’s nutty.”)

6. “Here’s a picture of me on the ground drunk, and here’s a picture of me on the cover of Vogue. What do you think happened between these two things?”

7. “Decorum gets you everywhere!”

8. “You wanna make the house nice? I’ll paint it myself. Pink?”

9. Courtney describes her mood board: “There’s a lot of girl, there’s a lot of me in here. Here’s a wedding cake on fire, sort of bride left at the altar… I don’t want neons in here. This is, like, the makeup look… How about these paintings from this girl Gretchen who is in a wheelchair… This is a thing that I made when I was eight. These are all girls that play guitar and/or bass… There’s a little trailer, just for the hell of it… Marie Antoinette without a head…” (Simmons: “Oh, I could give a fuck.”)

10. “You wanna find me a husband?”