MTV Bans 30 Seconds To Mars’ New Video


If you’re short on time, then you should just skip the first half of 30 Seconds To Mars’ new music video for “Hurricane.” The really racy stuff (namely the moment at 9:17, when, as MTV’s compliance team notes, “WOMAN RUNS FINGER OVER OTHER WOMAN’S G-STRING CLAD BOTTOM AND TOUCHES HER ANUS”) doesn’t happen until over half way in. Yes, this music video is 13 minutes long and it’s broken down into chapters. Click through to watch the censored (but still NSFW) version of the banned clip and check out a rather hilarious frame by frame analysis of the original by MTV’s censors. It’s also worth nothing that while 30 Seconds To Mars do hope to post the uncut video online at some point, it hasn’t happened yet.

00:27 – in French “It’s not reality, it’s a dream” 02:33 – threatening man in gimp mask with sledge hammer 02:50 – singer jumps out of hotel window – fantastical – not imitable 03:00 – flash frame of erotic scene? 04:10 – singer puts leather eye mask on girl and pulls head back in an erotic gesture – POST 9PM 04:15 – fight between gimp man and bystander – kick to leg / punch to head -not graphic -POST 7PM 04:25 – girl in leather bunny outfit on knees briefly kisses a man 04:40 – man pulls a key on a ribbon chain from his mouth 04:54 – motorcyclist spins bike and skids across the ground 05:01 – bondage ball gag is put over girl’s mouth – POST 10PM 05:18 – cyclist stabs man with stanley knife – POST 7PM 05:46 – priest, rabbi and monk (?) burn books 06:15 – large breasted lady in a bra and gas mask 06:16 – shot of domestic knife – POST 7pm 06:20 – couple in bondage gear and handcuffs – POST 10PM 06:23 – girl with gag being partially suffocated by singer POST 10PM 06:30 – bondage couple 06:40 – gimp man hits singer with sledge hammer not graphic POST 7PM 07:00 – French v/o about abandonning yourself and sacrificing yourself to pleasure – no explicit language – ok 07:14 – bondage girls with nipple tassles -POST 9PM 08:06 – man chained to bench with masked men circling in a menacing manner 08:17 – skuffle man hits masked men 08:21 – man punches man in rabbit’s head 08:40 – singer trapped in coffin 09:00 – French v/o about love and masks – no explicit language – ok 09:15 – dripping hot wax over body – POST 10PM 09:17 – woman’s finger running over other woman’s bottom in g-string and touching anus – COMPLETELY RESTRICTED 09:50 – lady with feathers and nipple tassels – POST 9PM 10:15 – couple in bed performing erotic acts – POST 9PM 10:41 – man runs hands over lady’s breasts – POST 9PM 10:43- man kisses lady’s stomach – POST 9PM 10:53 – man grabs and squeezes lady’s breasts – POST 10PM 10:54 – girl with nipple tassles – POST 9PM 10:55 – gimp man with woman in gas mask and bondage harness – POST 10PM 10:59 – bondage scene – POST 10PM 11:02 – forceful erotic pull of girl’s head – POST 10PM 11:06 – bondage couple – POST 10 PM 11:50 – singer and gimp man fight – punches, kicks and slaps – not graphic violence – POST 7PM

[via Vulture]