Feed Fake Animals at a Fake Petting Zoo


We’ve decided that every time Nate Hill sends Flavorpill an email about an event he’s throwing, we’re going to post it here. Why? Because what he writes in his “pitches” is funnier (and much, much weirder) than anything we could ever dream up. He’s like that kid who was making Komodo dragons out of Play-Doh when then rest of us were still rolling out “snakes.” We don’t know him but we think he’s awesome.

Find the latest dispatch from his “prank theater group” after the jump.

“The petting zoo is coming to town tonight to all you city folk, so bring a quarter for some feed and reconnect with nature. Wonder behind the chicken wire and interact with the critters docile enough to touch and feed. But wait, these are not the sheep and goats you might remember from your childhood because Club Animals are your people friends, thoughtfully dressed in animal mascot heads and clothes to match. Yes, you heard right. (Club Animals is a theater group dressed in animal costumes who perform interactive art prank theater in unusual places). The bar Home Sweet Home will be transformed into a petting zoo complete with a bear, chicken, dolphin, dog, and a lot of hay. All the critters are cute, cuddly and underfed, so extend a flat palm of feed and a nice pat on the head and rekindle that important human-animal bond that you may have forgotten long ago.”

Click here for more deets and for the love of god, if you decide to check this one out, bring us pictures… you will be handsomely rewarded!