Wanted: Hollis Brown Thornton’s Atari Print for 20×200


You can tell that South Carolina-based artist Hollis Brown Thornton was a child of the ’80s. Whether he’s paying homage to VHS tapes or 8-bit video games, his work is imbued with nostalgia and a healthy sense of irony. In his latest edition for 20×200, Brown has collected and compiled dozens of old game cartridges. “Atari represents outdated bits of technological development that are still around, like ideas or beliefs that no longer serve their original purpose, and the difficulty we sometimes have getting rid of them,” Thornton explains. “The games represent the origins of digital and virtual realities, worlds where the people who play the games are the heroes and protagonists in the adventures. The collection of games is a tribute to these digital origins, as well as a tribute to the excellent artwork on these worn out cartridges.” If you like what you see, pick up an affordable 20×200 print here.