Exclusive: Tracklist for M.I.A.’s Hater-Bashing Mixtape


Did you think M.I.A. could let the year end without getting in another shot at people who don’t appreciate her rich lady-revolutionary antics? Well, of course she couldn’t. Today, she announced on Twitter that she’ll be dropping a mixtape called (sigh) Vicky Leekx on New Years Eve, for the purpose of “layin bad minds to rest 2010!” We’re not fluent in M.I.A., but the track titles we’ve dug up* seem to confirm the general consensus that the record will be a parting shot at her biggest haters of the year.

Leaked Vicky Leekx Tracklist:

1. Truffle Fry All Up in Ya Lies

2. Et tu, Diplo?

3. Pitchfork Iz Connected to tha Facebook Iz Connected to tha Interpol

4. FCUK U, Guardian

5. Go Smug Yaself, Independent

6. Ham Fist to tha Chicago Tribune’s Face

7. In Case I Didn’t Cover U Above, Here’s Another Suicide Sample to Remind U That I Hate UR Western Imperialist Hater Guts

*Actually, we just made them up. Forgive us. It’s Friday.