What If Talk Show Hosts Embraced the Male Jeggings Trend?


As we may have mentioned earlier today, on Wednesday night Tim Gunn talked to Conan O’Brien about men’s jeggings. Which for some reason led Conan to promise that he’d wear jeggings for an entire show. Which he then did, last night. We think that the human race learned more about biology from the resulting big reveal than we did from yesterday’s discovery of arsenic-loving microbes. But it also got us thinking: What if this trend were to catch on? Click through for some interesting visuals of other male talk show hosts bravely rocking jeggings. Who do you think looks the most comfortable?

Glenn Beck of The Glenn Beck Program

Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report

Anderson Cooper of Anderson Cooper 360

Jimmy Fallon of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Jay Leno of The Tonight Show

Dave Letterman of the Late Show with David Letterman

Regis Philbin of LIVE! with Regis & Kelly

Jon Stewart of The Daily Show