Michael Ian Black Knows Things You Don't Need to Do in Life


At around 11 a.m., Best Week Ever contributor and Stella star Michael Ian Black, asked the twittersphrere what are the things they don’t need to do before the end of their lives. Called the Fuck it List, Michael Ian Black’s first additions to the list include climbing mountains, learning about birds, and liking Mozart. Other people noted a lack of interest in having kids, cats and some, sleeping schedules, our favorite is @tijir, who wisely prefers not to cut off his left leg for a peg leg.

What’s something you’re looking to not do?

UPDATE: Apparently, due to the Fuck it List’s jumping to the top of the Twitter Trends list, Tweetie 1.3 was rejected by Apple. (CNET)

UPDATE 2: Michael Ian Black killed @fuckitlist. It’s now #fuckitlist.