Minimalist Covers for 2010’s Best Albums


We haven’t even made it a full week into December, but we’ve already been bombarded with musical Best of 2010 lists. The yearly ritual certainly risks growing stale long before Christmas — meaning that list makers are going to have to step up the novelty level. So we admire the folks at MySpace Music for enlisting Vahalla Studios to create 50 minimalist album covers to accompany their top 50 albums of 2010. We may not agree with the entire list, but we are loving the art. Check out 10 of our favorite covers after the jump.

Superchunk — Majesty Shredding

Wolf Parade — Expo 86

Yelawolf — Trunk Music 0-60

Liars — Sisterworld

Black Keys — Brothers

Titus Andronicus — The Monitor

Beach House — Teen Dream

Sleigh Bells — Treats

The Arcade Fire — The Suburbs

Kanye West — My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy