Daily Dose Pick: Anika


While Anika’s self-titled debut is ostensibly a solo album, it’s actually a collaborative effort initiated by Geoff Barrow of Portishead fame.

Barrow brought Anika, who spent her days as a political journalist, into the studio with his post-punk trio Beak>, banging out a nine-track album of dub-heavy ’60s and ’70s covers by artists ranging from Yoko Ono to Bob Dylan in less than two weeks.

As a singer, Anika bears a startling resemblance to Nico, both in delivery and tone, while the stripped-down quality of the recordings makes the album sound like an actual time capsule from 40 years ago. It’s a bass-drenched retro trip that spits in the face of modern production, embracing the rawest, most visceral elements of timeless sound.

Check out Anika on Tumblr, visit her on MySpace, follow her on Twitter, learn more about Beak>, download a free MP3 of Anika’s take on the Pretenders’ “I Go to Sleep,” and buy a copy of the album


Anika’s cover of Yoko Ono’s “Yang Yang”