In Praise of Demented Fashion Icons: John Waters’ Best Blazers


More often than not, weird fashion statements happen by mistake. But sometimes, they’re both 100% purposeful and totally wonderful. That is why we’re launching a new series called “In Praise of Demented Fashion Icons,” to celebrate the true style rebels of our time. Inspired by his recent photo op with Justin Bieber, of all people, we’re kicking things off with a retrospective of John Waters’ craziest and most wonderful blazers. Although he laments that many assume his wardrobe comes straight from the thrift store, Waters dedicates an entire chapter of his most recent book, Role Models, to praising the subversive designs of Rei Kawakubo’s Comme des Garçons. We’re sure she’s responsible for many of the insane looks we’ve collected.

This one looks fuzzy, but only Bieber knows for sure…

White blazer with red and pink cheese doodle-looking things? Yes, please. We hope it was Valentine’s Day.

The idea here seems to be, lumberjack type caught in a snowstorm.

It’s as though Waters were wearing a perfectly normal jacket, until someone came up and ripped two perfect strips of fabric off of it.

Where creep school librarian, Vegas bartender, and steel wool meet, there is John Waters.

This blazer has been slashed up like a tire.

Acid wash formal wear. Awesomely, this happened in 2008, not 1992.

Actually, the tie kind of makes this one.

Worst. Pen explosion. Ever. [via]

Why wear just one tie when you can wear five — plus a bonus sweater-vest?