Match the Author with Their Favorite Book of 2010


Salon asked 18 authors — including Dave Eggers, James Frey, Tao Lin, and Laura Hillenbrand — to name the book they enjoyed most this year and used the results to create a fantastic slideshow. But don’t read it yet! We’ve got a little quiz for you first. See if you can match each author on the list with his or her favorite read of 2010. Highlight the blacked-out boxes under the book titles to check your answers.

The authors: 1. James Fallows 2. Dave Eggers 3. David Grann 4. James McBride 5. Curtis Sittenfeld 6. Laura Lippman 7. George Pelecanos 8. Anthony Shadid 9. Maud Newton 10. Wes Moore 11. Ted Conover 12. Karen Valby 13. Elizabeth Kolbert 14. Tao Lin 15. James Frey 16. Rebecca Traister 17. Laura Hillenbrand 18. Shalom Auslander

Their picks:

Karen Valby

George Pelecanos

Laura Hillenbrand

Maud Newton

Dave Eggers

Elizabeth Kolbert

Anthony Shadid

James Frey

David Grann

Shalom Auslander

James McBride

James Fallows

Wes Moore

Curtis Sittenfeld

Ted Conover

Tao Lin

Rebecca Traister

Laura Lippman