Twitterpiece Theatre: The Epic Battle of David Prager vs. the Hipster Hobo


Please hang in there while we parse this no longer breaking but totally weird not really news story. Thank you.

First we read on Gawker about David Prager, a San Francisco-based tech geek who tweeted about a guy breaking into his house WHILE IT WAS HAPPENING.

The highlight: “# hmmm — should I call the cops like you guys have recommended? find a blunt object before opening the door? my gut tells me he’s harmless about 4 hours ago from Tweetie”

OK. So he’s treating a break in by a drunken, 20-something intruder like it’s a choose your own adventure. That’s weird.

Then he decides to live stream the whole thing here. Except by the time we get click through, the action is already long over and no longer up. Disappointing.

We drift down to read some comments from the Gawker peanut gallery. Our favorite was from WindowSeat: “# smelly intruder is stabbing me repeatedly should I call ambulance? will set up poll on my blog” It made us LOL.

So then we decided to Google “David Prager.” We found this interview from 2004. In it, he compares himself to “the dog that runs out to get the ducks in NES’s Duck Hunt game.” Telling. He also reveals that he recently installed a thumb scanner that opens the garage door. Assuming that he lives in the same “relatively rustic studio apartment in SF,” maybe that’s how the plundering hipster got in.

Finally, we sent the link to the Gawker piece around to the office. Our pal Jonathan sent us this:

There’s also a part two.

Now we think this whole things has to be fake. Right? Twitter makes people weird.