The Flavorpill Mixtape LI: T-Model Ford, Clare Maguire, Braids


It’s getting cold outside, but never fear: We’ve got the jamz to warm it up. Click below to get new tracks from Brooklyn indie supergroup The Babies, the impossible-to-Google but lovely-to-listen-to jazz-punkers School, and a brand new cut from T-Model Ford, the blues legend who turned 90 this year. Right click + save as to get the sounds á la carte, or scroll all the way to the bottom to download the whole mix at once.

1. “The Strangest Thing” (Bloodshy & Avant Remix)” by Clare Maguire

If you can dazzle Jay-Z, then you’re worth a listen in our book, and Clare Maguire certainly fits the bill. This pop songstress blows it out of the water for a 19-year-old, with a voice as big as her personality. Watch out, world, she’s on deck.

2. “Sur La Planche” by La Femme

La Femme’s EP is due out December 13th, and it’s just the thing to make you forget about the dreary winter stretching on ahead. Lo-fi French surf pop — what more can you ask for?

3. “The Grey Ship” by EMA

EMA is the solo project from Erika Anderson, formerly of the spooky folk outfit Gowns. She has a full-length in the works, and we’re jazzed for it. “The Grey Ship” is a Viking funeral ship-inspired dronefest, swoopy and weird and wonderful.

4. “Stilyagi” by Puro Instinct (ft. Ariel Pink)

Airy dream-pop pair Puro Instinct (a.k.a. Pearl Harbor) employ the atmospheric vocals of Ariel Pink for this sneak peek at their debut album, Headbangers in Ecstasy, due out February 22.

5. “Comin’ Back Home” by T-Model Ford

Fat Possum stalwart T-Model Ford is one of the last surviving great bluesmen, so we were all a-twitter when we heard this taste of his forthcoming album Taledragger. It’s a sultry soundtrack for a night at a juke joint, and a really promising sign that he’s still got it.

6. “The Mounty” by Kings Destroy

The holidays are probably the best time for doom metal. It’s dark, it’s cold, you might be feeling a little frustrated by an overabundance of commercial spirit foisted upon you from all angles. Luckily, New York City-based Kings Destroy has the cure to what ails you — thundering, yowling, hammering metal.

7. “Days” by CREEP (ft. Romy Madley-Croft from The xx)

DJ duo CREEP have their debut album set for the new year, and their single “Days” promises that it will fulfill all our goth-tinged dance music needs in 2011.

8. “Dog Cure” by School

Brooklyn-based School just returned from a west-coast tour, where they spread their ghost-jazz sound across America. “Dog Cure” is expansive and dreamy, a sort of accidental experimental pop gem.

9. “Plath Heart” by Braids

Flavorpill’s favorite Canadian sweethearts Braids are set to release their debut album Native Speaker on January 18th. “Plath Heart” showcases their proto-pop sound, sweetly melodic, but mysterious enough to keep you at arm’s length.

10. “Run Me Over” by The Babies

The Babies are something of a Brooklyn indie-rock supergroup — Cassie Ramone from Vivian Girls, Kevin Morby from Woods, and Justin Sullivan from Bossy. They deliver mussy pop gems, lo-fi Phil Spector adulation in the best way possible.

Want it all? Click here to download the entire mixtape.