The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories


1. After Harvey Weinstein personally argued his position at yesterday’s hearing, an MPAA board has unanimously overturned the NC-17 rating on Blue Valentine. The film will be given an R rating instead. [via Deadline]

2. The Winklevoss twins — who already walked away with a $65 million settlement — are suing Mark Zuckerberg again because they say that they didn’t get enough money the first time around. [via Gawker]

3. In related news, Armie Hammer, who played both twins in The Social Network, has been cast to play Leonardo DiCaprio’s lover in Clint Eastwood’s upcoming film Hoover. [via Just Jared]

4. This is the world we live in: Snooki will be placed inside a ball (mind you, not The Ball) that will drop in Time Square during MTV New Year’s Bash while the rest of the Jersey Shore cast tries to break the world record for fist pumping. [via THR]

5. HBO has passed on Alan Ball’s new pilot, All Signs of Death, which “follows a slacker suffering from PTSD as he works in crime-scene clean-up.” Sounds dark. Maybe it’s something that AMC would want to pick up? [via EW]

Bonus link: Jonathan Franzen’s Awkward Family Photo