Dream Vacation: TRON Suite at Sweden’s Ice Hotel


Okay, so depending on how you feel about sleeping in a giant igloo and whether or not you’re a TRON fan, this vacation could be either a dream come true or a panic attack-inducing nightmare. Either way, it’s fun to gawk at Extreme Designs team Ben Rousseau and Ian Douglas–Jones’ TRON-inspired “Legacy of the River” art suite at Sweden’s world-famous ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi. The pair recreated TRON‘s signature circuit-chic using ultra-low energy lights. “The suite itself takes most of its influence from a nightclub scene in the film involving one of our favorite music artist[s] Daft Punk,” said Douglas-Jones. ICEHOTEL opens for the season tomorrow. Click through for images of the TRON suite.

[All images via Designboom]