10 More Humiliating Stoner Songs Than Bush’s “Come Down”


A lot of people seem to be surprised/outraged by the video that leaked today of Miley Cyrus hitting a bong. An 18-year-old getting high: pretty shocking, right? Anyway, a source has said she was only smoking salvia, which is legal in California, but we have our doubts. Salvia does not make you tell someone he looks like your boyfriend; it makes you announce to the entire room that the planes of the walls are connecting or something. And then fall down.

In any case, as far as we’re concerned, the most embarrassing part of the whole video is that you can hear Bush’s “Come Down” playing in the background. There are only a few more humiliating songs to be caught on video smoking weed to, and we’ve listed most of them after the jump.

1. “Pass the Dutchie” — Musical Youth

2. “Rest of My Life” — Kottonmouth Kings

3. “Get High Tonight” — Busta Rhymes

4. “Marijuana in Your Brain” — Lords of Acid

5. “Smoke 2 Joints” — Sublime

6. “Hits from da Bong” — Cypress Hill

7. “Not An Addict” — K’s Choice

8. “Cheeba Cheeba” — Tone Loc

9. “Sweet Leaf” — Black Sabbath

10. “Because I Got High” — Afroman