Possibly-Better-Off Missed Connections [Reader Services]


Yup, yup. You guessed it folks. It’s time for another edition of cultural Missed Connections. While we’ve yet to help any of you find love (as far as we know), having a work-related excuse to troll through the MCs and laugh at people we don’t know is reason enough to keep this column alive. Plus, as it turns out, it helps with Flavorwire’s search engine optimization; you wouldn’t believe how many people land on our site looking for “seth green goth chick” because of this post. We wish we were kidding.

But enough about us. After the jump find this week’s installment of the lonely (but learned) heart’s club with our running commentary; chime in on your favorite in the comments.

Encounter at the MET in plaid trou – m4m – 24 (Upper West Side) Hi cute guy in the plaid trou with orange knit hat… I first saw you at Avery Fisher lobby yesterday evening when you walked in and by me and smiled. You must have had a good day ’cause you were quite happy. We passed each other again as I went to and you came from the restroom, then again when I came into the comfy seating area and was having a quick meal. When you left you smiled and we said hi. I saw you again at 2nd intermission in standing room at the MET and thought we both caught gazes… you stopped by someone then I thought you were walking over, then you went down the stairs…. Wwwwwwwwell I came after you, but couldn’t find you. I would like to know you 🙂

Honestly, we don’t think you two deserve to connect after missing each other FIVE TIMES. And we hate the color orange. Next!

Reading Lady Chatterly’s Lover (I think.) – m4w – 31 (F train) You were on the F train yesterday around 10:30 in the morning. You were reading a purple book – I think it was Lady Chatterly’s Lover? Beautiful eyes. Reddish hair. I should have said hi.

Does this guy think it was Lady Chatterley’s Lover because it was purple? We’re confused, but we like red heads, too.

you were in red/black coat reading vonnegut – m4w (bedford station) I was standing there joking around with a friend when I saw you lean on a pillar and kept looking over. I just noticed your book and how when you’re reading, the way you twirl your hair and how happy that made me. I was discussing with my friend whether the train was coming from or going to Manhattan. It wasn’t then we all moved and you went to sit down. Eventually on the train, I think you got off at 1st or 3rd Ave stop.

Just saying hi.

We love how detailed this is, and yet he can’t remember what stop she got off at. FAIL.

photography girl at the black lips show – m4w (Nolita / Bowery) you were towards the front. i just want to say that you have a very pretty smile. respond and ill tell you who it is, i think you may remember me.

This makes it sound like he saw way more than her very pretty smile.

Flannery O’Conner and girlinblack at Housing Works bookstore – m4w (SoHo) you’re tall skinny and dark… i mean as in brooding and all in black.

i’d like to hear your stories.

This makes us think of this.

Lucinda Williams-Wellmont Theatre 3/7/09 – m4w (Montclair, NJ) I spoke with you briefly about your daughter near the doorway at the Lucinda Williams show. I’d love to speak with you some more.

Old people love!

WATCHMEN 745 SHOW AT THE AMC THEATHER IN 42 st – 24 (Midtown) Im tall i had glasses on and i was wearing a blazer with a blue strippes shirt..I was sitting right next to you…I felt there was more to say but u were with some one else so it was kinda impossible ..If ure looking for me too! contact me 🙂 TONY

Someone was watching you at the Watchmen. Sorry, it had to be said.