TV Cagematch: Nicole Ritchie or Sarah from Chuck


If you’re not already watching JOSH SCHWARTZ’s romantic comedy/spy series CHUCK, then you should go out and rent the first season stat.

This show is like The O.C. meets ALIAS, and unlike its major competitor in the time slot (also a Schwartz creation), doesn’t make me feel like an aspirational 15-year-old while watching.

Last night’s episode featured a guest appearance from NICOLE RITCHIE as a karate-chopping trophy wife with ties to the Russian mafia. I was surprised by how not annoyed I was by the tiny starlet’s presence on one of my favorite shows — especially when she went head-to-head with Special Agent SARAH WALKER in a bloody locker room cat fight scene.

For those of you who caught the eyeliner smearing/dress ripping romp, which of these ladies would you be more afraid of at the Barneys Warehouse sale?

Leave your responses below.