Wanted: Minimalist Music Genre Posters


For a new limited-edition poster series curated by Edit, a New York City-based creative technologist and art director, each designer was asked to represent a musical genre using one element and one typeface (stating the genre). Click through to check out the stunning results, which cover the entire musical gamut — from metal all the way to Detroit techno.

Metal by Baster, $75

Polka by Collective Approach, $75

New Wave by Duane King, $75

Folk by Manual Creative, $75

Disco by Studio Makgill, $75

Acid House by Nitzan, $75

Soul by Mark Boyce, $75

Urban by Leterme Dowling, $75

Classical by Sane & Able, $75

Detroit Techno by Toko, $75

Electro by This Studio, $75

Industrial by Trevor Jackson, $75

Twist by Hey Studio, $75