In Praise of Demented Fashion Icons: Roseanne’s Best Blouses


More often than not, weird fashion statements happen by mistake. But sometimes, they’re both 100% purposeful and totally wonderful. That is why we recently launched a new series called “In Praise of Demented Fashion Icons,” to celebrate the true style rebels of our time. If you missed our inaugural post on John Waters’ best blazers, be sure to check it out — especially for the lumberjack caught in a snowstorm look. Which provides a nice segue into this week’s style icon: Roseanne Connor. For the close to a decade that Roseanne was on the air, the titular star was far from what you call a fashion world darling. And yet, many of the looks that she favored — from plaid shirts to slogan tees to leggings as pants — would later become hipster staples. Click through as we celebrate ten of her best blouses.

You’ve got to be bold to pull off an exotic leopard print like this one. But as you’ll see below, Roseanne is never one to shy away from taking a fashion risk.

Matching your hair clip with your floral print is one way to ensure you look polished.

Some people might not think to pair a rainbow button-covered vest with a paisley top, but that’s what takes this look from good to great.

In the industry, this is what they call bowling alley chic.

While we love the wild west spirit of this cowboy-inspired top, we can’t get past the fact that the print reminds us of little boy sheets.

Yes. She’s wearing an entire picnic.

Roseanne’s personality doesn’t exactly scream butterflies to us, but the embellishments do wonders to dress up an otherwise forgettable short-sleeved tee.

A second, and dare we say, more sophisticated take on the animal print look.

If there’s one way to make sure you don’t look dowdy in a denim housecoat, it’s adding a broach.

Alright, this one is more of a gem sweater than a blouse, but come on: there’s no more fitting way to end this than Rosie in a bedazzled queen of hearts top.

All images via Third and Delaware.