Stereotyping You By Your Favorite Movies of 2010


Deck the halls with an overwhelming number of critical recommendations, because it’s year-end, best-of list season! We know that picking your favorite film of the year is very important business. Hell, we make those lists, too. But to ensure that we don’t all make the mistake of taking ourselves too seriously, we’re stereotyping you by your favorite movie of 2010. And before you get all offended, know that our pick is also on the list.

The Social Network People who are always telling you what critics said about shit.

Black Swan People with beautiful, undiagnosed anxiety disorders.

Blue Valentine Pervs. Seriously, the movie isn’t even out yet. All you know about it is that there’s a steamy sex scene.

Inception People who overuse the question, “Or is it?”

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Girls (and grown women) who hope, deep down inside their souls, that there is more to love than awkward, post-school dance make-outs and nights at home with Netflix and Chinese food.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 Boys (and grown men) who would like to substitute “magic” for “feelings” whenever possible.

Alice in Wonderland Goths who haven’t actually read Alice in Wonderland.

Valentine’s Day Women who own signed copies of He’s Just Not That Into You.

Shutter Island Movie guys who refer to their favorite directors by their first name — Martin, Francis, Stanley, etc.

The Ghost Writer People who want you to know that art and politics are separate, OK? OK!?

The Runaways Ladies who missed their chance to be high-school rebels.

Greenberg Dudes who missed their chance to be 20-something… well, anything, really.

Hot Tub Time Machine People who mistakenly believe the ’80s revival will never die.

Why Did I Get Married Too? People who are still laughing at “men are like this, women are like that” jokes.

Date Night Women who fantasize about Steve Carell, men who fantasize about Tina Fey.

The Human Centipede Bros who have to follow up all their jokes with “Too far?”

Trash Humpers People who fart in public, loudly take credit for it.

Get Him to the Greek People who are wistful for when we still had rock stars. No, Kings of Leon don’t count.

I Am Love People who overuse words like “voluptuous” and “decadent.”

The Kids Are All Right Folks with lots of progressive bumper stickers on their car.

Enter the Void People who are starting to romanticize their drug years a bit too much.

Never Let Me Go Readers who “don’t watch a lot of movies.”

Easy A Gals who got called sluts in high school, but have grown up to be quite successful, thank you.

The Town People who have been telling you for years that Blake Lively is a good actress, goddammit.

Carlos Folks who think owning a Che Guevara shirt makes them radical.

Burlesque Gay dudes who really wanted to make Showgirls happen again. Guys, Showgirls is once in a lifetime. It’s never happening again.

Love and Other Drugs Guys who can’t say “viagra” without giggling and the women who love them.

Jackass 3D People who don’t understand what performance art is.