This Collage of Paris Vogue Covers Is an Artistic Rorschach Blot


As we stared, transfixed, at this image of every single 2010 issue of Paris Vogue transposed on top of each other, it began to remind us of something. And that something, it turns out, is the paintings of Hieronymous Bosch: the dark color palette, the tiny details, the layers, the sense of impending doom… It’s all there. Meanwhile, Hairpin readers see Mona Lisa, which we totally get. We’re also reminded of Marco Brambilla’s Standard Hotel installation, Civilization .

See what this artistic Rorschach blot suggests to you after the jump, and then check out the rest of this enterprising LiveJournaler’s surprisingly striking project, which gives the same treatment to every single Vogue franchise, from China to Turkey, in what is undeniably ONTD’s greatest contribution to culture in all of 2010.