Miramax Sequels We’d Pay to See


Word came today that as part of the deal between the Weinstein Company and their old home of Miramax, we’ll soon be seeing sequels to some of the best-known films in the Miramax library — to the tune of about five in the next two years. A followup to Bad Santa and Amityville Horror are already in the planning stages, with a television series based on Swingers and a sequel to Shakespeare in Love eventually to follow. Also part of the deal: Bridget Jones’s Diary, Copland, From Dusk Till Dawn, Clerks, Rounders, and Shall We Dance.

While we understand that knocking off existing films is a lot easier and cheaper than coming up with new material, we’re not sure it’s a safe bet — unless the Weinsteins are willing to give audiences the action-filled popcorn flicks they really want. Click through for our list of Miramax sequels we’d pay to see*, and add to our suggestions in the comments.

Shakespeare in Love 2: Full Metal Bard

The Station Agent 2: Revenge of the Trains

Kids 2: The 40 Year Old Virgin Hunter

No Country for Old Men 2: Judgment Day

Requiem for a Dream 2: Dream Harder

Pret-a-Porter 2: Runway Roadkill

Trainspotting 2: Heroin’s Last Stand

The Hours 2: Hungry Like the Woolf

The Piano 2: Lost at Sea

Good Will Hunting 2: Hunting Season

* Not really.