Holiday Hall of Fame: ’90s TV Characters Dressed as Santa Claus


As kids, there was nothing that we loved more than very special Christmas episodes. Who can forget the time that Zack Morris fell in love with Kelly’s coworker at Moody’s Store For Men, only to find out that her father was the homeless guy that he’d met in the mall bathroom, and then invited them both to his house for Christmas dinner? Or when Roseanne discovered that mall Santas make good money, and convinced them to give her the gig even though she was a woman? Or when Kramer, a Santa at Coleman’s Department store, was accused by a kid of spreading Communist propaganda? After the jump, find screengrabs of some of our favorite ’90s TV characters playing the role of Santa; here’s hoping they help dredge up some happy memories of fictional holidays past for you too.

Saved by the Bell: Zack as Santa; Slater as an elf; Screech as a reindeer

Roseanne: Roseanne as Santa; Jackie as Mrs. Claus

Full House: Joey as Santa

Beavis and Butt-head: Beavis as a reindeer; Butt-head as Santa

Married with Children: Al Bundy as Santa

Seinfeld: Kramer as Santa

In Living Color: Homey D. Clown as Homey Claus

Home Improvement: Al as Santa; Tim as an elf

Friends: Chandler as Santa; Ross as the armadillo

The Simpsons: Homer as Santa

Blossom: Nick as Santa

Beverly Hills, 90210: Steve as Santa